18k, 22k, 24k gold rate in Bihar Today. बिहार में सोने का भाव आज

बिहार में ज्यादा तर सोना शादी और त्योहारों पर लिया जाता है और इस समय पर सोने के भाव में तेजी देखि जाती है।

If you have made your mind to buy gold in Bihar then you should look for the Bihar gold rates trend.

Gold rate keeps changing everyday in Bihar and other states of the country. So, it's better to check to check gold prices.

Today 18k gold rate/price in Bihar   1 gm- Rs. 4,575 10 gm- Rs. 45,750 100 gm- Rs. 4,57,500

Gold price of 22k gold today in Bihar 1 gm- Rs. 5,592 10 gm- Rs. 55,920 100 gm-Rs. 5,59,200

Price for 24k gold in Bihar today   1 gm- Rs. 6,100 10 gm- Rs. 61,000 100 gm- Rs. 6,10,000

Tanishq Gold rate in Bihar today 18k price- Rs. 4,575/gm 22k price- Rs. 5,592/gm 24k price- Rs. 6,100/gm

Now, let me tell you what was the gold rate  yesterday in Bihar.

18k Gold rate/ price yesterday  1 gm- 4,596 10 gm- 45,960 100 gm- 4,59,600

22k GOld price Yesterday  1 gm- 5,617 10 gm- 56,170 100 gm- 5,61,700

24k Gold price yesterday  1 gm- 6,127 10 gm- 61,270 100 gm- 6,12,700

This all about current gold rate in Bihar. Follow us for daily Gold rate update.