Tanishq Gold rate Patna Today 18k, 22k, 24k (Live price)

Tanishq is a wing of Titan, TATA, and is involved in the jewelry business now for more than 40 years. They develop designer jewelry and provide it for customers at prices that suit them most. The retail chain stores have become quite famous as people find some of the best jewelry collections with them.

You can find the Tanishq gold rates in Patna here. Tanishq has uniform gold rates across the country and offers people gold at the most updated rates.


Tanishq Gold Rate Patna Today

GramTanishq 18KTanishq 22KTanishq 24k
1 gram₹ 4676₹ 5716₹ 6235
8 gram₹ 37,408₹ 45,728₹ 49,880
10 gram₹ 46,760₹ 57,160₹ 62,350
100 gram₹ 4,67,600₹ 5,71,600₹ 6,23,500
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Tanishq 18 Karat gold rate in Patna today

The Tanishq Patna gold rate today of 18 Karat gold 1 gram is ₹ 4676, and of 10 gram gold is ₹ 46,760.

13-07-2023₹ 4676₹ 37,408₹ 46,760
05-07-2023₹ 4613₹ 36,904₹ 46,130
04-07-2023₹ 4613₹ 36,904₹ 46,130
03-07-2023₹ 4613₹ 36,904₹ 46,130
29-06-2023₹ 4616₹ 36,928₹ 46,160

Tanishq gold rate today 22k in Patna

The Tanishq Patna gold rate today of 1 gram 22K in Patna is ₹ 5716 and for 10 gram gold is ₹ 57,160.

13.07.2023₹ 5716₹ 45,728₹ 57,160
05.07.2023₹ 5639₹ 45,112₹ 56,390
04.07.2023₹ 5639₹ 45,112₹ 56,390
03.07.2023₹ 5639₹ 45,112₹ 56,390
29.06.2023₹ 5643₹ 45,144₹ 56,430

Tanishq 24k gold rate Patna today

The Tanishq gold rate today in Patna 24K gold rate is ₹ 6235 and 10 gram gold is ₹ 62,350.

13.07.2023₹ 6235₹ 49,880₹ 62,350
04.06.2023₹ 6151₹ 49,208₹ 61,510
04.06.2023₹ 6151₹ 49,208₹ 61,510
03.06.2023₹ 6151₹ 49,208₹ 61,510
29.06.2023₹ 6155₹ 49240₹ 61,550
gold rate today

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Tanishq gold coin rate in Patna

Today 22 carat gold rate in Tanishq Patna is Rs.6889 for a 1 gram gold coin and a 10 gram gold coin rate is Rs. 68890.

gold rate today

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Tanishq gold rate vs market rate

Here is what you must know about the gold rate Tanishq Patna today versus the market rates.

Market rates of gold in PatnaTanishq gold rates in Patna
₹ 5,410 for 1 gram of 22k₹5,677 for 1 gram of 22k
₹ 5901 for 1 gram of 24K₹6193 for 1 gram of 24K
₹4,527 for 1 gram of 18K₹4644.81 for 1 gram of 18K

If you see the gold rate Tanishq Patna today, they will appear to be a bit higher with Tanishq than the normal market rates.

Tanishq gold rate in Patna making charges

Tanishq making charges start from 8% and can go up to 35% at the max. Depending on the designs, Tanishq making charges vary. It is always more for intricate designs and less for base and simple designs.


Quality of Tanishq gold

Tanishq is known for its quality products and also for its transparency policies. If you want to find out more about Tanishq’s gold quality, you simply need to speak to their executives to understand better. Some of their jewelry is priced 15-20% lower as they mix 15-25% of hard alloy.

Is it good to buy gold from Tanishq Patna?

It is good to buy gold from Tanishq in Patna for the following reasons:

  • Tanishq does a thorough quality check before sending any product to their showrooms. Their quality products have transparent policies, so you don’t have to fear getting 18K gold in place of 22K gold.
  • They have a broad range of collections and fit every pocket and taste successfully. People have a wide variety of collections to look forward to and can find something everytime.
  • You can pay anyway you want with Tanishq and they will accept all kinds of cards, cash and even payment through a digital wallet is possible.
  • Those who need help with understanding the making of the jewelry can also find it within the store.
  • Tanishq offers a lot of different kinds of schemes and loans. If you want to enrol in one, you can do so and benefit from them immensely.

Other Tanishq alternative stores in Patna

Tanishq’s alternative stores in Patna are Kalyan Jewelers. You can even try Ratnalaya Jewelry shop and other local gold stores in Patna for jewelry.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many Tanishq stores in Patna?

There are three Tanishq stores in Patna: one each in Jagdeopath Chowk, Frazer Road, and opposite Halwa market.

Is it safe to buy gold from Tanishq Patna?

Yes, they have quality gold and is always a safe option to collect gold from Tanishq.


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