Dancer shot on stage during Birthday Party Bihar Rohtas News

If you are from Rohtas, Bihar, then you must know this shocking news from Rohtas. A Female dancer has been shot in a birthday party. Read this full Rohtas new today to know about this incident.

Bihar Rohtas news

The police are trying to figure out what happened during a shocking incident at a birthday party in Kaupa village, Bihar. A female dancer named Babli Kumari was shot while performing on the stage, and it’s not clear if it was accidental or intentional.


Babli Kumari was quickly taken to a hospital in Bikramganj, where doctors say her condition is very serious.

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The police officer in charge, Mohammed Shahnawaz Akhtar, isn’t sure if the shooting was part of a celebration or if someone had harmful intentions. They’ve registered a case under the Arms Act against unknown individuals for the serious attack.

Since there were no security cameras or videos of the incident, the police are relying on human intelligence to find the person responsible. They’re working hard to locate the attacker and solve the case.


It’s really unfortunate that in this part of Bihar, people often get hurt or even killed during celebrations where guns are fired in the air. This is a dangerous practice that has led to many tragedies for dancers, musicians, and partygoers. The police are determined to stop such incidents from happening in the future.


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