Hallmark 916 Gold Rate Today Patna -22k Gold Price Patna Live

First of all, let me tell you that 22k gold is also known as 916 gold. So, don’t get confuse. If you are going to buy 916 gold in Patna. You must check the current 22k/916 gold rate in patna.

As, we all know, Gold rates go up and down every day. That’s why you should be aware of current Gold price in patna today. We update our article daily with latest rates. In the below table, we have given 22k gold rate in patna today.

916 Gold Rate in Patna today
13.07.2023₹ 5,639₹ 45,112₹ 56,390
01.07.2023₹ 5,529₹ 44,232₹ 55,290
27.06.2023₹ 5,535₹ 44,280₹ 55,350
23.06.2023₹ 5,497₹43,976₹ 54,970
22.06.2023Rs. 5,573Rs. 44,584Rs. 5,5730
20-06-2023Rs. 5,645Rs. 45,160Rs. 56,450
17-06-2023Rs. 5,645Rs. 45,160Rs. 56,450
gold rate today

जरूर देखें – 18k Gold rate in patna today

The purest gold is 24 Karat gold but no jewelry can be made from it, as it is very soft. That is why only 18k & 22 k gold are usually used for jewelry. Let me tell you some important things about 22 carat gold so stay till the end of this article.

gold rate today

जरूर देखें – Gold rate in Bihar Today

Note: Before buying gold in Patna, do check whether the mark on the gold is 18k, 22k, or 24k.

What is 22k Gold?

916 Gold price today patna

You have already checked the 22k gold current price in Patna. If you are going to buy 22k/916 gold in Patna, then you should first know “what is 22k gold” and what is the percentage of pure gold in 22k gold.


22 karat gold is stronger and more durable than 24k gold. 916 gold/22k gold is used to make jewelry. In 22k gold 22 parts are gold and the remaining 2 parts are metals like silver, zinc, nickel etc.

In other words, 22 carat gold contains 91.67% pure gold and 8.33% is mixture of other metals. By mixing other metals, gold becomes hard and strong, that increases it’s durability. That’s why people first choice for making jewelery is 22k gold.


If you are going to buy gold in patna, for jeweleries, you can go for 750/18k gold or 916/22k gold. If you are looking for gold investment in patna, then you can go for 24k gold/999 gold bars or coins.

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Advantages of buying 916 gold in patna

You must have seen 916 KDM Gold rate Patna today. If now you are going to buy 916 KDM Gold in Patna. You must know the benefits of buying 22 karat gold which are mentioned below, please read carefully:-

  • In patna, 22 karat gold is cheaper than 24k gold in patna.
  • Mostly in patna city, People used 22k gold for making coins and jewelry in marriages.
  • The amount of pure gold in 22k gold is higher than that of 18k/750 gold.
  • 22k gold contains 91.67% pure gold.
  • The luster of the 22k jewelry is a rich yellow colour, almost similar to the color of 24K gold.
  • 22 carat gold is stronger and more durable than 24 carat gold.

22 karat gold disadvantages in Patna

  • 22k gold is not used in diamond and stone jewelry because it is too soft.
  • In patna, Coins made of 22 carat are not given much importance.
  • In patna city, Gold prices fluctuate daily.
  • 22k jewelry is generally not for daily use.

916 Gold/22 karat Facts (Patna):-

पटना में 916 Gold लेने से पहले जाने 22k सोने से जुड़े कुछ तथ्य।

  • 22K gold, also known as 916 gold is best choice of patna people for making jeweleries.
  • 22 carat gold contains 91.67% gold and 8.33% other metals.
  • Other metals mixed in 22 k gold are likely copper, silver, nickel etc.
  • The cost of 22k gold is less than that of 24k gold. Always check rates in Patna.
  • 22 Karat gold is stronger and more durable than 24 carat gold. That’s why people in Patna (Bihar) prefer 22k Gold.
  • Most of the jewelry purchased in patna city is of 18k or 22k gold.
  • The color of 22K gold is rich yellow.
  • Indian gold stocks are almost 11% of the total world’s stock.

916 gold rate Today Patna FAQs

Is 22 carat gold jewellery good?

Gold is a valuable metal, and the best part of gold is that no matter how much impurity you mix, you will be able to extract it from the gold very easily. However, like every other piece of jewelry, you have to take care of your gold jewelry too. Thus, 22K is the most ideal jewelry gold that one can wear, but it’s slightly more expensive in the market and also contains just enough impurity to harden the gold.

What is the difference between hallmark and 22 carat gold?

Hallmark gold means the purity of it is certified by one of the world’s certified laboratories. It has 91.6% purity, which is ideal for 22K gold.



So, I hope all of you have benefited from this article. Must check the 916 Gold rate in Patna today in above table. We update this article daily so that we can tell you the real price of 916 KDM Gold price Patna Today live. Rates in the market can be slightly up or down. That’s why before buying gold, do check the price of gold in your nearest reputed shops like (tanishq).


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