24k Gold Rate Patna Today Live (Bihar) 99.9% Pure Gold

Welcome firends, Check 24k Gold Rate in Patna Today Live. It is essential to know that gold prices in patna keep changing everyday. Different events can impact gold prices in different ways. We update our prices daily to keep our users updated about the gold current rates.

In this article, we will cover today’s gold rate in Patna and understand more about them.


24k gold rate in Patna Today

Here is the 24 carat gold price in Patna today alongwith the other standard prices.

13.07.2023₹ 6,152₹ 49,216₹ 61,520
01.07.2023₹ 5933₹ 45,160₹ 59,330
30.06.2023₹ 5933₹ 45,160₹ 59,330
gold rate today

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When 24k gold goes down in Patna?

24k gold rate patna bihar

There are a few factors which drive the gold prices in the Patna and other parts of country. The reasons why gold prices go up and down depend on the following factors;

  • Low Inflation: Gold prices would be the least impacted when the inflation rate is low. With high inflation, gold prices will also show a spike.
  • Increase in jewelry demand: When the jewelry value increases in the market like in times of marriages, festivals (Holi, Diwali, Chhat, Teej, and Karwachauth) and certain special occasions celebrated worldwide, the value of gold goes up. The demand mismatch paves the way for increased pricing. Almost 12% of the gold’s total demand in the country is due to the increased demand for jewelry. Medicine and other technological uses of gold are another reason for the increased demand. During festivals and special occasions, you will seek a spike in the gold price. Thus, even though these are the best days to purchase gold but you might find it a little overwhelming at times. Similarly, during no festival days if you buy gold, you might find a lower gold price for your pockets.
  • Government gold reserves: If the government procures more gold then the price of gold goes up. The flow of cash in the market begins to pour in as the supply of gold decreases. Similarly, when the government sells gold in the market the prices fall.
  • Trends of interest rates: When the gold rate of interest increases, people sell gold and when the supply goes up, the gold prices go down. The opposite happens when the gold rate of interest decreases.
  • Global movement: India is a major importer of gold. When the import prices go up or down, and during political stability or upheaval, you can find lower or higher gold prices easily.

Things to check before buying 24k gold in Patna Bihar

These are the things you need to check when buying 24K or 22K gold.

  • Check the price uniformity in the market: You should buy gold from a place that offers it at the same rate as is in your place on that particular day. If they offer you a lesser rate, double check. If they offer you at a higher price, it can also be a cause for worry.
  • Find out how pure the gold is: If you want to find out the purity of your gold then you must check the carat. Also check if the carat is imprinted on your gold chain.
  • Go for certifications: Hallmarking and BIS mark is a must on all your gold jewelry.
  • Check for hidden charges: Clarify for hidden charges before you move on. For some intricate pieces, they might charge more.
  • Find out more about the buyback terms: Find out if they have buyback terms. If they have then find out how they work and what needs to be done from your end to avail of the feature.
  • Do not leave without an invoice: Any trouble with your jewelry, you can always find out if you can change it by asking for an invoice. If they are ready to give you an invoice, then you can be sure they are going to comply with their terms.

Best Stores/Places to buy gold in Patna

These are the best places for buying jewelry in Patna now that you know the rate of 24 carat gold in Patna.

Name of jewelry houseSpecialityContact Details
TanishqAmara, Niloufer, Divyam, Uttara, Aveer, Padmaavat, Swarnam and Mehek, nosepins, rings 093089 06421, 91525 23218
KalyanMudhra, Nimah, Anokhi, Rang, Tejasvi, Ziah, Laya, Glo, Candere, Vedha, Apoorva, Hera, Muhurat, chain, necklaces, bangles and earrings.080660 19215
RatnalayaKundan, Vanya, Mihika, Myra, Platinum, Gold0612 2675101, 91555 66444

What is 24k gold?

It is the extracted pure gold which is soft and malleable. People cannot use it for any kind of jewelry or any other prospect. It needs to be hardened for everything else except electronic devices, medical devices, and jewelry.

What is 999 Gold Meaning?

The other name for 24K pure gold is 999 gold. It is 99.9% pure gold and 0.1% other metals.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is 999 gold and 24k gold same?

Yes, both are the same and are denoted just by different names. Basically, they are one and the same.

Is 24k gold 100% pure gold in Patna?

Yes, it is almost pure and is upto 99.9% pure with 0.1% impurity.

Is 916 gold 22k or 24k?

The 916 gold is 22K gold and 999 is 24K gold. When you want to buy gold, check the markings on it. While checking the markings, if you see 916 instead of 22K or 999 instead of 24K, do not fluster, they are just other names.

Which gold is best 22k or 24k?

It depends on what you are using the gold for. Like if you want to make jewelry 22K gold is the best which is why people use it. There is 2K impurity and 22K gold, similarly, 916 of 1000 is gold and rest is impurity.

Can you wear 24k gold daily?

You can’t wear 24K gold daily as it is very soft in nature. The 22K gold is rather more hardened and stable.

Can we make jewelry from 24k gold?

No, it is not advisable to make jewelry from 24K gold as it might receive scratches and twist as it is softer. Raw gold is soft and quite malleable in nature.

Is 24k gold rate same everywhere?

Gold rates vary in every city and differ from one to another due to some personal prospects and also due to other issues. In India every city celebrates a different festival; occasions vary from one to another and so on.

Why 24k gold is costly?

Due to the least presence of impurities, 24K gold is costlier than the other gold karats available.

Can we check live 24k gold rate in Patna?

You can visit the gold prices from My Gold Guide’s live page, Indian Bullion Jewelers Association (IBJA), and MCX known as the Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited to check the 24k gold rate today in Patna.

1 gram 24k gold rate in Patna?

Today gold rate Patna 24 carat is Rs. 5933 and it is close to the current price of 1 gram 24K gold rate for this June.



Here is everything you need to understand about the gold prices in the country and about the gold rate 24 carat in Patna. If you want to know around gold and why or when there are price changes, read this article to understand better.


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