22k Gold Price In Muzaffarpur Bihar- 916 Gold rate Live (सोने का भाव)

Today on 17.10.2023, Rate list for 22k Gold in Muzaffarpur is ₹ 5,591/ 1gram and for 10 gram of Gold price will be ₹ 55,910/10gm. Check 22k gold price table below.

Gold rate Muzaffarpur Today 22 karat

Gram of gold22k Today INR22k Yesterday INR
1 gm₹ 5,591₹ 5,656
8 gm₹ 44,728₹ 45,248
10 gm₹ 55,910₹56,560
100 gm₹ 5,59,100₹ 5,65,600

Gold Rate 18k, 22k, 24k Muzaffarpur Today

gm18k (Today)22k (Today)24k (Today)
1gm₹ 4,574₹ 5,591₹6,099
8 gm₹ 36,592₹ 44,728₹ 48,792
10gm₹ 45,740₹ 55,910₹60,990
100 gm₹ 4,57,400₹ 5,59,100₹6,09,900
916 Gold is also known as 22 Karat (22k Gold). Don’t get confused between 916 Gold or 22k gold both are same. 22k gold also denoted as 916 Gold because its 916 parts out of 1000 parts are of pure gold and remaining 84 parts are mixer of copper, silver, zinc etc.These metals are added in Gold to increase its strength and durability. These metals also make the gold jewelleries appearance look more attractive.Most of the customers first choice is 916 Gold for jewellery and investment-grade gold products because in 22k Gold they get both purety and strength.916 Gold is famous for its rich yellow color and also it is widely used in traditional and cultural jewelry designs.

Best places to buy gold in Muzaffarpur

The three most wonderful places to buy gold in Muzaffarpur are Tanishq, Kalyan, and Ratnalaya jewelers. With them, you can get hallmarked jewellery, and you will also get the purity percentage easily. You will also get a proper voucher for it when you purchase from them.Tanishq Muzaffarpur: Tanishq is one of the most branded shop in Bihar as well as India. They can give you gold offers, and the jewelry from them comes with a purity and guarantee certificate.Kalyan Jewelers Muzaffarpur: Everyone knows about Kalyan Jewelers. If Kalyan Jewelers availble in your area. You should definately shop gold from them. They provide best gold rates. They sell a lot of different types of jewellery, and each comes with its own purity and guarantee.Ratnalaya in Muzaffarpur: Ratnalaya Muzaffarpur is a professional gold store that provides gold in genuine rates. Here, you will get different designs and styles ornaments. Also, They provide exchange option within seven days of purchase that increase the trust of the gold buyers.

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