750 Gold Rate Patna Today- सोने का भाव पटना बिहार (18k, 22k, 24k)

अगर आप पटना, बिहार में रहते हैं और पटना में सोने का दाम जानना चाहते हैं तो आप बिलकुल सही जगह पर हैं इधर में आपको रोज के सोने का दाम (Gold rate Today Patna) बताऊंगा।

Check latest सोने का भाव पटना:- 750 Gold Rate Patna Today, 18k Gold rate today, Patna 22k Gold price today, 24k carrat gold price patna today and much more.

750 gold rate patna today

Today on 27.05.2023, Price for 18k Gold in Patna city is ₹ 4,672 for 1 gram and for 10 gram of Gold rate is 46,720/10gm.

Today on 27.05.2023, Rate list for 22k Gold in Patna is ₹ 5,710/ 1gram and for 10 gram of Gold price will be ₹ 57,100/10gm.

Today on 27.05.2023, In patna Price for 24k Gold is ₹ 5,996/ 1gram and for 10 gram of Gold in Patna, charges will be ₹ 59,960/10gm.

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Gold Rate 18k, 22k, 24k Patna Today

Gold Rate Today 27.05.2023 (Patna)
gm18k (Today)22k (Today)24k (Today)
1gm₹ 4,672₹ 5,710₹ 6,006
8 gm₹ 37,376₹ 45,680₹ 48,048
10gm₹ 46,720₹ 57,100₹ 60,060
100 gm₹ 4,67,200₹ 5,71,000₹ 6,00,600

Gold rate Patna today 18 karat/750 Gold

750 गोल्ड को ही 18 karat गोल्ड कहा जाता है। अगर आप 18k Gold के आज के दाम जानना चाहते हैं। तो निचे दिए गए लिस्ट को ध्यान से पढ़ें ।

If you want to find out the real gold price in Patna today’s market, Check the table below.

Date18k/1 gm18 k/8 gm18k/10gm
27.05.2023₹ 4,672₹ 37,376₹ 46,720
26.05.2023₹ 4,680₹ 37,440₹ 46,800
25.05.2023₹ 4,676₹ 37,408₹ 46,760
24.05.2023₹ 4,713₹ 37,704₹ 47,130
23.05.2023₹ 4,692₹ 37,536₹ 46,920
22-05-2023₹ 4,717₹ 37,736₹ 47,170
20-05-2023₹ 4,717₹ 37,736₹ 47,170

Gold rate Patna today 22 karat

22 karat gold is made of a mixture of copper and gold.

Gram of gold22k Today INR22k Yesterday INR
1 gr₹ 5,710₹ 5,720
8 gr₹ 45,680₹ 45,760
10 gr₹ 57,100₹ 57,200
100 gr₹ 5,71,000₹ 5,72,000

24 karat gold rate Patna today

Gold is available in different karats, but the most widely used ones are 22K and 24K gold.

Here are the price structures for today for 22K and 24K gold, respectively, for the most standard and widely available gold.

24K gold is pure gold with no declared impurities within it.

Gram of gold24K Today INR24K Yesterday INR
1 gm₹ 5,996₹ 6,006
8 gm₹ 47,968₹ 48,048
10 gm₹ 59,960₹ 60,060
100 gm₹ 5,99,600₹ 6,00,600

Gold is considered a treasure metal, and gold reserves are not just owned by people but also by governments. Although people don’t transact in gold, even now it is the most widely used reserve operating in the world.
Patna is an important place of bihar where there is a huge demand for gold. People not only buy gold but also store it.

What is 750 Gold?

750 Gold is also called 18k Gold. 750 or 18k Gold both are same. So, don’t get confused between them.
Number 750 Gold expresses the purity and fineness of Gold. Gold purity is measured in parts per thousand.

A pure gold (24k) made up of 1000 parts of pure gold (100% pure gold). On the other hand, 750 gold has made up of 750 parts of pure gold out of 1000 parts. The remaining 250 parts are other metals like copper, zinc, silver, etc.

Gold makers/jewelers add other metals in gold to increase the durability and strenght of Gold. Because jewellery made up of 100% pure gold is not durable strength wise. That is why, 750 Gold/18k Gold is the best choice of jewelers because it makes the balance between strength and purety of Gold. Most of the customers prefer 18k or 22k gold because its strength is good as compared to 24k gold and price is also less.

What is 916 Gold?

916 Gold is also known as 22 Karat (22k Gold). Don’t get confused between 916 Gold or 22k gold both are same. 22k gold also denoted as 916 Gold because its 916 parts out of 1000 parts are of pure gold and remaining 84 parts are mixer of copper, silver, zinc etc.

These metals are added in Gold to increase its strength and durability. These metals also make the gold jewelleries appearance look more attractive.

Most of the customers first choice is 916 Gold for jewellery and investment-grade gold products because in 22k Gold they get both purety and strength.

916 Gold is famous for its rich yellow color and also it is widely used in traditional and cultural jewelry designs.

What are gold 585?

14 karat Gold is known as 585 Gold. In, 585 Gold, there is 585 parts of pure Gold out of 1000 parts and other available parts are silver, copper, zinc etc.

In 14k Gold, 58.5% is pure Gold and other 41.5 % is other metals. Mixing of 41.5 % other metals, increase the durability, strength and hardness of gold as compared to other 18k, 22k, 24k gold.

Here are more markings and find out what they mean;

Gold markingsGold purityTrivia
3338 karat gold; 33% pure goldDisplayed on European-made jewelry
3759karat gold Found on British jewelry
416/41710 karat goldTo be a gold item, this was the minimum amount of gold that was to be there in the US.
50012 karat goldalmost off-white in color and completely dull
583/58514 karats 
75018 karat gold 
916/91722 karat goldIt is not used much in jewelry but is mostly used for gold leaf and plating
99924 karat goldVery soft and thus unsuitable for jewelry making.

What 18k gold?

It is mostly the kind of gold that one can use to make jewelry and is the best on the market. In this case, out of 24 karats, 18 karats are gold, and the rest (6 karats) are mostly copper or a mixture of other metals..

What is 22k Gold?

Out of 24K, 22K is gold, and the rest, 2%, is impurity. With almost 2% impurity, you can get a more firm alternative. Most of the 2% of 24K gold is copper, and copper improves the malleability of gold.

What is 24k Gold?

When the purity of gold is considered, 24K is considered the standard. Anyone can get 24K gold but it will be so pure that molding it into jewelry might be difficult.

18k Gold vs 22k Gold Vs 24 K Gold

What is it that makes 18K gold different from 22K and 24K gold?

18K gold22K gold24K gold
75% gold is mixed with 25% other metals such as copper and silver.91.6% Gold and other 8.4 % are metals like silver, zinc, copper, and others100 percent pure gold
Used for making studded jewelryHarder gold and more durablemore expensive
Far less expensiveGood for making jewelrydistinct bright yellow color
 Hard and Durable  Hard and Durablesoft and pliable

How to check purity of Gold in Patna?

To check the purity of gold, you are buying in Patna City, here are three signs you need to look for;

  • BIS hallmarked gold is the first sign one should check when planning to buy gold in Patna.
  • Next, you will need to identify the purity of gold by checking for the below mark on your gold jewelry.
Gold stampsTotal gold amount in these hallmarks

Best places to buy gold in Patna

The three most wonderful places to buy gold in Patna are Tanishq, Kalyan, and Ratnalaya jewelers. With them, you can get hallmarked jewellery, and you will also get the purity percentage easily. You will also get a proper voucher for it when you purchase from them.

Tanishq: They can give you gold offers, and the jewelry from them comes with a purity and guarantee certificate.

Kalyan Jewelers: They sell a lot of different types of jewellery, and each comes with its own purity and guarantee.

Ratnalaya: They have a professional goldsmith, and they design different styled ornaments. They provide you with an exchange option within seven days of purchase.

How to invest in gold in Patna, Bihar?

If you are in patna city of bihar. Investing in gold in Patna city can be done through various methods. Here are a few options you check below:

Jewellery Stores in Patna

Mostly people of Patna, Bihar love to buy jewelleries by visitng near by jeweler stores. Patna City has many jewellery stores from where you can buy physical gold in the form of jewellery or gold coins/bars. Always buy gold from trusted shop rather than any local shops.

Look for reputable jewellers in patna near by who provide certified gold products. Don’t forget to compare the market prices before buying gold in patna and also check purity levels before making a purchase.

Banks in Patna:

Many banks in Patna also offer gold investment schemes such as gold deposits or gold savings accounts.
These banks allow you to invest in gold without physically possessing it. It is safe method to invest in Gold, you wouldn’t have the fear of theft or misplace of gold. Contact banks in patna near your area to inquire about such investment options.

Gold Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs):

If you want to buy gold in patna sitting your home. Gold Exchange-Traded Funds is best option for you. ETFs are investment funds that trade on stock exchanges. They represent ownership in gold assets and can be bought and sold like stocks. Research ETF providers in India and choose a reputable one to invest in.

Gold Mutual Funds:

You may have listen about Gold Mutual Funds. Similar to ETFs, gold mutual funds pool money from multiple investors and invest in gold-related assets. You can invest in gold mutual funds through online platforms.

Online Platforms

There are many online platforms that provides gold investment facility in India. They provide options to purchase and sell gold in various forms, such as physical gold, digital gold, or gold ETFs.

Before investing in gold in Patna City, keep the following things in mind:

Research: Research about the Gold current market price online and offline in Patna markets.

Purity and Certification: If purchasing physical gold jeweleries, always buy from reputed jewelers and check proper certification of purity.

Jewelery Making Charges: Always ask for making charges to your jewelers and nagotiate with him on making charges. In Patna, most jewelers keep high making charges.

Storage and Security: If you buy physical gold, make sure you have safe place to store it otherwise you can store it in your bank lockers.

Gold investment good or bad?

Gold investments are always good, as the world is kind of changing and everything is in a chaotic state. Right now, with COVID-19 and war, there is a lot at stake. Thereby, gold investments are a good way to make your way through this investment confusion. There are good reasons why you must invest in gold, and the best reason is that it can never go wrong.

  • People can never go bankrupt when they invest in gold.
  • The gold investment acts mostly as an investment hedge.
  • Those who invest in gold do so because they are more comfortable investing in tangible assets.
  • A highly liquid format is what makes gold investment so essential.
  • To invest in gold, unlike diamonds, people do not need to have any specialized knowledge. All they need to be aware of is whether their jewelry has a hallmark and what it states.
  • Those who are regular investors can diversify their portfolio by investing in gold.
  • A risk-free investment comes with gold, which can provide you with a decent return even when there is no crisis in your country.
  • In any kind of fall in the local currency economy, gold can always act as a cushion.

Best time to buy gold in Patna

Indians have an auspicious day for everything, and likewise, they have auspicious days for buying gold as well.

Some of these days are Marriage season, Pushyami, Makar Sankranti, Ugadi, Akshaya Tritiya, Navratri, Dussehra, Dhanteras, and Balipratipada.

When the demand for gold goes up, usually the prices show a change in a favourable direction, enabling people to buy gold.

When gold prices go down in Patna Bihar?

Gold prices always go up and down in Patna, Bihar. If you are planing to buy Gold in Patna. Always check the current rate from online websites or local jewelers in Patna. Also, check if the price is moving up or moving down. You can check this by seeing the monthly price chart of Gold. If you find the price is in upward trend don’t hurry to buy gold. Wait, until the price goes down. Keep checking the Gold price in Patna online.

These are the following reasons why gold prices go down in patna city:

  • Whenever there is a local issue or a global problem, you will see a change in gold prices.
  • Mostly prices go down when there is no festivals because Gold demand decreases at this time.
  • Gold demand and rate also decreases in Patna in off marriage season.

Some National & International reasons

  • Low inflation and increased interest rates can also lower gold rates.
  • Gold prices go down when there is a surge in supply in relation to market demand, and a change in the investor’s settlements.
  • When the dollar becomes strong and if there is a change in the sentiment of investors, you could see a lowering of gold prices.

When gold prices go up in Patna?

There are many occasions when gold prices/rates go up. If you are going to buy Gold in Patna, Don’t forget to check the today price and 1 month price chart. It will give you idea about moving prices of Gold. If gold rate is high in Patna avoid buying gold for sometime.

Gold rates will go up when the following conditions happen in the market:

  • Mostly, Gold rate in Patna pump in marriage seasons. When everyone buy gold jeweleries for bride. So, avoid buying gold in marriage season.
  • Gold rate in patna go up in festivals like Diwali, Dhanteras, Durga Puja, etc.
  • When the demand-supply rate is impacted, which means supply is low and demand is high, prices will rise.
  • Interest rates will play an important role in the rise in gold prices.
  • When the inflation rate is high, even gold prices can touch the sky.
  • Certain geopolitical events can also cause a surge in gold value, as gold export and import might be hampered by them.
  • Certain economic conditions can have an impact on the value of gold.

Things to check before buying gold in Patna

Before investing or buying Gold, there are few things you need to take of it. So that, you can avoid any scam or loss.

  1. Do not buy without the hallmark.
  2. Never buy gold without bills.
  3. Cross check the price with the ongoing rates and the best way to do it is to go online.
  4. Negotiate on the making of charges and also check for the available prices. Do not go for the cheaply priced gold without hallmarking.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Does 750 mean on jewelry?

When you find the 750 mark, do not get confused. It is also a jeweler’s way of stating that the gold offered to you is actually 18K.

Is 750 gold equal to 18K?

Yes, Au750 gold is nothing but 18k gold.

Is Au750 real gold?

Yes, AU750 gold is real gold as it’s 18K on the purity scale, which means the gold amount in it is 18% and the rest 6% are different rhyming metals with gold. Since pure gold is soft enough to mould into jewelry, people often use 18K gold for it.

What is the rate of 22 karat gold in Patna today?

For 22-karat gold, the rates are 56,340 per 10 grams. If you plan to buy gold, keep an eye on this amount daily and then visit a shop nearby or shop online so that you are not cheated.

Which gold to buy 22 karat or 24 karat?

Both are usually expensive, but for jewelry, you can use 22K gold as 24K is quite soft to be turned into jewelry.

What is the price of 24k gold in Patna today?

For people getting 24K gold, they need to know that today’s current rate is ₹ 61,460 per 10 grams.

What is the price of 916 gold in Patna today?

The 916 KDM hallmark gold is priced at ₹5,419and people need to understand the pricing and structuring to know when they should invest in gold.


Here’s everything about ways to invest in gold and also a brief about the gold purchasing that you need to keep in mind when you plan to buy gold. Most people want to buy gold, but very few get fooled. Therefore, knowing how to buy gold is essential and very important. Read the entire article for today’s gold pricing and to understand essential and vital information around gold.


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